Lowest Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price on a website or in store, we will match the lower price AND give you an extra 5% off on up to ONE quantity of each product.

In order to qualify, as a website:

  • The website must have an established AHREFS or SEMRUSH record showing the website has existed for at least several months.
  • The price must include free shipping or the shipping cost must be added as if only one item was purchased, ie: group purchases to pass a free shipping threshold don't count.
  • The purchase must not be from an online marketplace seller. 
  • The price must be a permanent price, not a temporary sale price.
  • You must provide us with the direct link to the article(s) on their website.

In order to qualify, as a brick-and-mortar store:

  • The store must have a valid google search record. It must be a store that is specialised in selling brand new office supplies or electronics, or something similar. It cannot be a pawn shop, a surplus store or a flea market seller.
  • You must provide us with a clear, high-resolution picture of the item and its price tag on the shelf, the phone number of the store as well as its address.
  • The price must be a permanent price, not a temporary sale price.


Send us an email at info@oemtoner.ca or info@usaoemtoner.com and we'll get started with qualifying your purchase for our Lowest Price Guarantee. We may verify the information you provide us in any way we choose and we require 3 business hours to complete our verification.

Thank you for choosing OEM Toner!