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Collection: Canon Original Toner

Canon consumables genuinely make a difference. When you choose a Canon printer, you’re investing in quality, reliability and value. Designed by Canon engineers and manufactured in Canon facilities, Genuine supplies are developed using precise specifications, so you can be confident that your Canon device will produce high-quality results consistently. Canon Genuine Toner produces high-quality, monochrome and color output for all your home and office needs, that you can be proud of.


High Quality Output
Designed to help prevent smearing, smudging and streaking, Canon Genuine Toner gives you the confidence to print anything from business documents to schoolwork, with outstanding quality.


Superior Performance
Canon Genuine toner is designed to perform better than imitators because they’ve been specifically engineered for Canon devices, by the same engineers who design those devices.


Toner Cartridge Recycling and Sustainability
Canon Genuine toner cartridges are recyclable!

As a part of our commitment to the environment, we ensure appropriate recycling of Canon products, reducing impact on the environment and our local communities.


Always Look For Genuine Toner
Be sure to look for the Canon Genuine hologram on all Canon toner packaging, so you can be assured the Canon Genuine toner you purchase is made with the highest standards. When tilted back and forth, the hologram should shimmer.